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Latest Research Achievements
  The Techniques and Applications of the Automotive Electronics Embedded P... 2015-06-02
  Cross-industry Embedded System Software Platform (SMART) and Its Applica... 2012-03-08
  The Development and Manufacturing of The Jtang Middleware Platform for M... 2011-09-27
  Multimedia Technology and Intelligent Service System of Million Books Di... 2011-09-27
  Streaming Media Key Technologies and Equipments for Large Scale Video Su... 2011-09-27
  The Research and Its Application of The New Generation Control System Un... 2011-09-27
  High performance fieldbus EPA for new generation control systems 2010-06-09
  32-bit embedded CPU series with own intellectual property and their SOC ... 2010-06-09
  Data-based MES System and its Application 2010-06-09