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Recommended papers
  A novel sensitive cell-based Love Wave biosensor for marine toxin detection 2017-06-27
  Adaptive Matrix Column Sampling and Completion for Rendering Participati... 2017-06-27
  Optimal Estimation in UDP-Like Networked Control Systems With Intermitte... 2017-06-27
  The Box-Jenkins Steiglitz-McBride algorithm 2017-06-27
  Online Metric-Weighted Linear Representations for Robust Visual Tracking 2017-06-27
  A Split-Reduced Successive Cancellation List Decoder for Polar Codes 2017-06-27
  A 3D Feature Descriptor Recovered from a Single 2D Palmprint Image 2017-06-27
  Impedance spectroscopy analysis of human odorant binding proteins immobi... 2017-06-27
  Data Gathering Optimization by Dynamic Sensing and Routing in Rechargeab... 2017-06-27
  A-Optimal Projection for Image Representation 2017-06-27
  Concealing arbitrary objects remotely with multi-folded transformation o... 2017-06-27
  Virtual k-space modulation optical microscopy 2017-06-27