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Latest Research Progress
  Acoustic rhythms in speech and music 2017-06-27
  Active Fluorescent Nanowire Enables Far-field and Wide-field Nanoscale V... 2017-06-27
  Important Improvement in High Efficiency Video Coding 2017-06-27
  Hybrid Temporal Processing Techniques and Applications for Big Data 2017-06-27
  High Safety Customized Control System 2017-06-27
  The Skin-like Sensor System Based on Stretchable Electronics 2016-06-16
  The Robust Performance Analysis and Control Research in The Constrained ... 2016-06-16
  Key Technologies of Real-time Signal Processing and Image Reconstruction... 2016-06-16
  The Research on Risk Assessment & Techniques to Protect Water Quality Sa... 2016-06-16
  The Theory and Approach of Cross-media Computing 2016-06-16
  Microfiber and Nanowire Photonic Devices 2015-06-02
  Design of Embedded Operating Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-06-02