The Research on Risk Assessment & Techniques to Protect Water Quality Safety and Its Application

Edited by:系统管理员fit Date:2016-06-16 03:03


Prof. Zhang Hongjian in CSE was the Principle Investigator of the project which won the first prize of Scientific and Technological Award of Zhejiang Province in 2015. In accordance with the stern situation of frequent water pollution accidents, the project developed a highly-integrated, extensible water quality safety early-warning system platform for urban drinking water supply. The platform was designed with the proposed architecture of water quality safety early-warning control system based on event-driven and risk assessment. An integrated water quality safety early-warning system was finally implemented with the breakthrough of safety evaluation, combining prediction, event detection and a series of key techniques. The developed platform has been deployed and demonstrated in several important cities in China, and provided strong support for the research on the techniques to protect water quality safety.