Data Gathering Optimization by Dynamic Sensing and Routing in Rechargeable Sensor Networks

Edited by:系统管理员fit Date:2017-06-27 04:04

 作者: Zhang, Yongmin; He, Shibo; Chen, Jiming

IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING  : 24   : 3   : 1632-1646   出版年: JUN 2016

This paper designs a dynamic sensing and routing (DoSR) algorithm to optimize the data gathering performance in rechargeable sensor networks. In specific, a balanced energy allocation scheme (BEAS) is first designed for each sensor to manage its energy use, which is proven to meet four practical requirements. Then, a distributed sensing rate and routing control (DSR2C) algorithm is proposed to optimize data sensing and data transmission, while guaranteeing network fairness. Simulation results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithms.