The Inauguration of FIT as well as academic report was held in Zijingang Campus

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May 21, 2009, at the time of 112 Anniversary of Zhejiang University(ZJU), the Inauguration of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information TechnologyFIT as well as academic report was held in Zijingang Campus, ZJU. Ceremony was officiated by executive vice president of ZJU, Ni Mingjiang. Chen Zichen, Zheng qiang, Chu Jian, Zhang Tuqiao, Wu Zhaohui, as well as the relevant person in charge of all faculties, representatives of teachers and students participated in the ceremony.
Lu Yongxiang, the Vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, CAS President, wrote an inscription for establishment of the Faculty of Engineering and faculty of Information Technology. Pan Yunhe, the Vice Presedent of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang xi, Secretary of Party Committee of ZJU, and Yang wei, the President of ZJU, unveiled for the two faculties, respectively. Zhang Xi and Yang Wei granted directors of the special committee the letters of appointment.
In President Yangwei’s speech, he praised the significant contributions of engineering discipline to the country development and emphasized that the aim of restructuring and strengthening the faculties is not only to play the comprehensive advantages of discipline, optimize the allocation of resources, serve the major national and regional development strategies, further standardize and improve the academic institutions and their functions, implement the principle of "Professor scholarship" promote the academic cross, explore the new academic areas and research directions, but also to fit for the policies of decentralization of school in order to improve the management level and efficiency
  Yang Wei hoped the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information technology to continuously regulate the management system, establish the democratic and scientific decision-making mechanism depending on the general staff and students, promote engineering education reform and innovation, co-ordinate the planning of major research projects and innovation platform construction, provide the technical support for sustainable development of national and regional socio-economic.
Zhao Yuhai, director of Hi-Tech Center of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, and Tai Zhongzhi, director of Hi-Tech Department of Ministry of Education, congratulated the ceremony and gave reports about the national "863" program and the general idea of the twelfth  Five-year Plan
Professor Wang Qidong and Professor Yue-Ting Zhuang spoken at athe ceremony representing teachers of two faculties. Liu Xu, director of FIT also gave his speech.


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