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    July 17, 2009, Discipline Development Strategy Seminar of FIT is processing in Shao yifu Science and Technology Museum, Yuquan Campus. The seminar was chaired by Director of FIT, Liu Xu, and Vice Director of FIT, He Qinming. Vice President of Zhejiang University, Chu Jian, attended the meeting and made an important speech. The teachers from the Sci-Tech Academy of ZJU and other Faculties as well as discipline experts, scholars, nearly 140 people, attended the seminar.

    Chu Jian summed up the basic situation and experience of talent team development for nearly a decade, analyzed the status of various disciplines of FIT, compared with related institutions and discipline of domestic and foreign school, put forward our weakness and problems, discussed the difficulties and confusion, proposed the ideas and guiding principle of talent team development: From a macro point of view, in order to become the first-class university in the world, an excellent talent team is necessary; From the micro perspective, how to maintain a lead position of academic?  How to develop the weak discipline? How to win the growth point of development for emerging discipline? Talent is the most importance.

    Chu Jian, Vice President, proposed overall objective of the academic talent construction: create a set of effective institutional system that is conducive to attracting talent, scientific evaluation and rational flow of talent. Considering the three talent teams, teacher team is the main part, coordinating the development of full-time research team, management team and auxiliary team. Create a talent team with noble morality, excellent skill, outstanding quality, reasonable structure and strong innovation capability and international competitiveness to lay the foundation for our school to become a world-class university.

     To implement the "1311 Talent Project" by 2017, the following strategies is intended to adapt: implement the "International high-end talent introduction plans, the "Innovative team building program", the Young teacher upgrading program", the Humanities revitalizing program, the 100 experimental teacher training program, Party and government management capacity building program. The above programs are implemented by the supporting system of talent training and "faculty category management". Liu Xu, Director of FIT, talked about the rapid development plans according to its own characteristics and introduced a rough plan in talent

    28 professors and young academic excellent teachers from various disciplines gave speech subjects on academic research ideas and plans of future development. 28 topics were proposed after the various academic excellent teachers discussed on disciplinary development and research plan seminar of their department. Everybody expressed their views and possibility of discipline cross from their professional point of view and the national needs. In order to communicate the reports adequately, according to the subject of reports, five groups are composed; Teachers could select what they were interest in. Finally, the conveners of each group met and discussed the major planning projects. The participants felt the seminar is very productive, and proposed that the similar seminar should always be organized to provide an academic communication platform.

     The conference has ended, but our large-scale discussion for research has just kicked off. A new round of disciplinary construction is continuing, research and development programs of various disciplines are proceeding smoothly and orderly....



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