Research and Application of Water Quality Security Evaluation and Early-warning Technologies

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 “Research and Application of  Water Quality Security Evaluation and Early-warning Key Technologies” (No. 2008ZX07420-004) is a sub-topic of “Research and Demonstration of Water Quality Monitoring, early-warning and emergency technologies”, one of National Major Projects on Control and Rectification of Water Body Pollution.
Based on the water quality data and other information provided by the Three-level (National / Provincial / Municipal) Water Quality Monitoring Network, and the platform of Water Quality Information Management System, the topic researches water quality security evaluation technologies, early-warning technologies for gradual and sudden source water pollution incidents, early-warning technologies for water treatment processes and water supply network, and the system integration technologies of water early-warning. The aim of the topic is to build the Water Quality Early-warning System conforming to our national conditions for application and demonstration.

Project director: Prof. Zhang Hongjian

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