An Intelligent Service Robot-- Haibao

2010-06-09 Vistors:8859


       Commissioned by Shanghai World Expo Business Coordinated Bureau, the Department of Control Science and Engineering of ZheJiang University, cooperating by Supcon Research Corporation, developed an intelligent service robot, Haibao, for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. As a humanized robot, Haibao integrates great amount of advanced technologies, such as the data collection of varied sensors, motion planning and control of the multi-joints arm, face detection and recognition, object recognition, speech recognition, simultaneous localization and mapping, navigation, etc. It possesses five main service functions: information consultation, reception and guide, freely chat, photographing, talent show. Moreover, Haibao is able to express his feelings through rich facial expressions, color’s change of the bang, body movements and outstanding linguistic competence. Up to now, all the 37 Haibao robots have been put into operation, serving tourists all over the Expo Park. In addition, they often participate in some large-scale events such as vocal concert, float parade, etc., having become the top super stars in the World Expo Park.

 Project director: Associate Prof. Xiong Rong

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