Theory and Approaches of Mixed Reality

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      In 2009, we have made several important breakthroughs, including the information collection of complex objects, complex geometric model representation and efficient construction, complex high-fidelity rendering of virtual objects in real time, high-dimensional complex data analysis and learning theory, the automatic geometry recovery of video scene and real-time automatic camera tracking, visual gesture interaction model and camera-based gesture interaction techniques, high resolution color LED display technology and systems, seamless projection display on arbitrary surfaces and systems, the flight simulation system, and the marine search-rescue simulation system. Over 127 research papers have been published or accepted. Among them, 13 papers are published in top international academic journals, include SIAM Review, ACM TOG, IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TIP, IEEE TVCG and IEEE TKDE, as well as 8 papers are accepted by top international academic conferences, such as ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR, ACM IUI and IJCAI.

Project director: Prof. Bao Hujun

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