High performance fieldbus EPA for new generation control systems

2010-06-09 Vistors:1189

Principal Persons: Prof. Chu Jian, Prof. Jin Jianxiang   etc.

National award: the 2nd Prize of Technological Invention


    EPA, Ethernet for Plant Automation, is one of the key technologies for Manufacturing Equipment Automation.In this project, a series of key technologies, such as Deterministic Transferring Scheduling based on peer roles, were invented to improve communication deterministic and fast real-time performance, high reliability and availability, high security and safety for Industrial Ethernet.Based on 47 applied Chinese and international invention patents (20 approved) and 12 approved software copyrights, EPA was drafted with 1 core and 4 application technologies international standards released successfully by International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC from the end of 2007.

     EPA is now adopted by more than 20 companies from China, Germany, Japan etc. EPA-based products were successfully applied in monitoring and control systems for large-scale chemical industry, 31 Olympic stadiums, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway etc. which made remarkable economic and social benefits

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