Research on the image quality of remote sensing

2010-06-09 Vistors:904


Project director: Prof. Feng Huajun

      The research developed in the Imaging laboratory focuses on below items:

      Scientific research system on super-resolution restoration of images in earth observation and remote sensing is set up to obtain more details information out of the diffraction limit, on the basis of taking into full account the degradation from optical aberration, small-aperture diffraction, central obscuration, calibration error and so on. For instance, to get the degradation function of the image technically, various alternative research approaches have been adopted in image reconstruction, such as calculating from the designed feature theoretically, testing by measuring the system Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) experimentally and analysis directly from the image with slanted-edge method.

      Research on image stabilization technology of application in image degradation generated by the remote sensing platform vibration is proposed based on the methods of motion detection and real-time motion compensation. Moreover, the part of vibration prediction employing support vector machine (SVM) and back propagation (BP) neural network added in the compensation system, could eliminate the delay of the servo effectively, and improve the precision and dynamic range of motion compensation, finally achieving a better agility of the whole remote sensing system.

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