Direct Coupling of Plasmonic and Photonic Nanowires for Hybrid Nanophotonic Components and Circuits

2010-06-09 Vistors:1123

Sources:NANO LETTERS 9(12), 4515-4519 ,2009

Authors:X. Guo, M. Qiu, J. M. Bao, B. J. Wiley, Q. Yang, X. N. Zhang, Y. G. Ma, H. K. Yu, L. M. Tong


    Tong Limin  and his co-workers  have now circumvented all these problems by seamlessly integrating plasmonic and photonic waveguides through near-field interaction. They report direct coupling of plasmonic and photonic nanowires using ultracompact near-field interaction. Photon−plasmon coupling efficiency up to 80% with coupling length down to the 200 nm level is achieved between individual Ag and ZnO nanowires. Hybrid nanophotonic components, including polarization splitters, Mach−Zehnder interferometers, and microring cavities, are fabricated out of coupled Ag and ZnO nanowires. These components offer relatively low loss with subwavelength confinement; a hybrid nanowire microcavity exhibits a Q-factor of 520.

  This research is highlighted by Nature China and NPG Asia Materials in 2009.

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