The Development and Manufacturing of The Jtang Middleware Platform for Modern Service Industry

2011-09-27 Vistors:866
    The project directed by Prof. Wu Zhaohui from College of Computer Science and Technology was awarded the National 2nd Prize of Sci & Tech Progress in 2010.The project team have succeed in the development and manufacturing of the Jtang Middleware Platform after almost a decade of hard work supported by national, ministerial and provincial scientific development plans.
    The platform has been applied in seven different industries, including: e-commerce, financial securities, telecommunications and public services. The platform have solved many problems, which threatens the future of the entire modern services industry, where the requirements of scale, dynamics and integration are hardly met.
    The platform has independent intellectual property right. It's a great success because it not only changes the situation that foreign companies monopolized platform software, but also enhances the core competitiveness of software enterprises and simulates the development of modern service industry.


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