The High-performance VR Application Supporting System

2011-09-27 Vistors:648
    This high-performance VR application supporting system provides an integrated solution to develop complex VR applications, such as public exposure, urban planning, simulation and science visualization, in which a large-scale complex dynamic scene will be displayed on an aligned multi-projector display wall. The system is supported by a PC-cluster with 20 nodes, which are equipped with high performance graphics cards. Through our seamless tiled screen display driver, the displays cast by 14 projectors form a seamless 360-degree stereo display on a cylindrical display wall. Meanwhile, the system can also integrate various VR human-computer interaction devices, such as 3D tracker, data gloves, touch screen, microphone, and so on, to support gesture and voice human-computer interactions. It also can be adapted to user-developed tangible UI.


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