“ZDPS-1A”--China’s First Kg-level Satellites

2011-09-27 Vistors:1668
    On Sep.22, 2010, two “ZDPS-1A”, China’s first kg-level satellites, were launched into space successfully in Jiuquan satellite launch center. The satellites were wholly self-developed by the team led by Prof. Jin Zhonghe from the Dept. of Information and Electronic Engineering. As China's smallest satellite, the “ZDPS-1A”, weighing 3.5 kilograms, has a cube shape with a side length of 15 centimeters and requires a working power source of only 3.5 watts. It is used to demonstrate the pico-satellite platform and verify advanced technologies such as MEMS and miniaturized optical hemispheric imaging. The satellite comprises the electrical power system (EPS), S band transponder, instruction execution unit (IEU), three-axis stabilization ADCS, on-board computer (OBC) and payloads, structure and thermal control subsystems, and the deployment structure.



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