Modeling of Multiphysics Process with Mutual Coupling and Efficient Algorithm Research in Multi-scale Heterogeneous Structures with an Electromagnetic Excitation

2015-06-02 Vistors:421

This project directed by Prof. Yin Wenyan in Department of Information Science and Electronics Engineering was supported as the key project by NSFC. It aims at developing accurate modeling techniques and efficient algorithms for handling multiphysics processes with mutual coupling in typical multi-scale heterogeneous structures in the presence of an electromagnetic excitation, in particular including flexible electronic devices and integrated circuits, flexible MEMS and advanced GaN microwave transceivers. Its research tasks and targets are outlined as follows. 

(1)   A series of appropriate multi-parameter mathematical models with coupled constitutive equations will be derived for describing real multiphysics processes taken place in the heterogeneous structures, and the technique of adaptive mesh generation and encryption will also be developed for modeling irregular and thin layer geometries;
(2)   Based on multi-level domain decomposition (DDM) strategy, an efficient integration of different algorithms will be performed so as to exploit their advantages comprehensively, where the coupling boundaries among different sub-domains will be treated in some appropriate ways;
(3)   By considering multi-scale features of the multiphysics processes in time domain, both large time step iteration and time-space adaptive algorithms will be developed so as to achieve high computational efficiency with accuracy maintained at the same time;
(4) One multiphysics software will be built up for supporting massively parallel computing on high-performance computers with hundreds to thousands of processors utilized;
Therefore, we are able to reveal the evolution of multiphysics processes at different scales in the above heterogeneous structures, also including physical mechanisms of their performance degradation, fatigue and even breakdown. It is believed that this research can provide some key techniques for supporting the development of new flexible electronic devices and circuits, flexible MEMS and high power GaN transistors with high reliability, and international competitiveness of China in these key areas will be enhanced.
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