Unified Modeling and Control of Vehicular Fuel Cell Systems and Vehicle Dynamic Systems

2015-06-02 Vistors:450
A lifetime prediction model and a unified power system model under multi-scale and multi-factors are built through the study of decay mechanisms of the fuel cell stack under dynamic loads. Based on the models, a control strategy for fuel cell systems considering the durability constraint of the fuel cell stacks is proposed. Moreover, modeling and control of the vehicular fuel cell system and the vehicle dynamic system are unified with a proposed algorithm for online fault diagnosis and health monitoring. Besides, a hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform is under development to test and verify the performance of the unified modeling and control. A dynamically optimally coordinating control for fuel cell vehicles with multiple objectives (durability, dynamics, and fuel economy) will be achieved in this key project of NSFC foundation directed by Prof.Chen Jian in Dept.of Control Science and Engineering.
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