Three-dimensional Fluorescence Emission Difference (FED) Super-resolution Imaging System Modulated with Parallel Light Field at Nanoscale

2015-06-02 Vistors:449

Investigating the biological mechanism at the molecular level has become an increasingly significant procedure in curing the disease. Among all the existed super-resolution imaging techniques, there is no one that can be applied in live cell imaging and realize long time, large scale, real time, three-dimensional nanoscopy at the same time. As a result, several important issues such as the tracking of the transportation of vesicles are still remaining unsolved today. This project proposes a novel wide-field parallel-modulated fluorescence emission difference tomographic microscopy. Together with the research of surface wave modulation, focal pattern quality optimization using adaptive optics and fluorescence emission enhancement device, this project will develop and build a parallel nano-optical field modulated three-dimensional fluorescence emission difference super-resolution imaging system and apply it in biomedical investigations. This project directed by Prof.Liu Xu in Dept. of Optical Engineering was financed as the special vital instrument program of NSFC foundation in 2014.

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