The Techniques and Applications of the Automotive Electronics Embedded Platform

2015-06-02 Vistors:292

 Faced by the challenges to make automotive electronics "hard real-time, high efficiency, low emission", the project team led by Prof. Wu Zhaohui from College of Computer Science and Technology developed three core technologies to address these challenges, including scheduling optimization, hybrid-model design and variable voltage compensation control, and overcame international difficulties in real-time response, data integration and accurate injection. On the basis of these core technologies, the team developed an automotive embedded platform and achieved successful commercialization. The overall project reached the international advanced level, and the specific techniques of task switching, tool integration and vehicle emission control reached the international leading level. In 2014, the project was awarded the Second Prize of the National Technological Invention Award. The project resultshave been widely deployed in electronic control systems in trucks and sedans. During the past three years, an added value of 1.498 billion RMB and indirect economic benefits of more than 50 billion RMB have been achieved.



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