Research and Application of Complex E-Service System

2015-06-02 Vistors:272

Modern service industry is an important direction for industrial upgrading in our country and Zhejiang province. Electronic service (E-Service), which is relying on network technology and served online, is an important form of modern service industry. But there are many challenges for the complex E-service system, such as large-scale, dynamic evolution, crossover collaboration. To solve these challenges, the group directed by Prof. Wu Zhaohui conducts some research works around massive data storage, dynamic service integration and efficient service discovery, complex services collaboration. Combining the famous E-Service companies, we developed the two software platform to facilitate the E-Service systems, one is the general foundation platform, the other is the domain-related foundation platform. We achieved 12 software copyrights, authorized 26 patents. Our systems have been applied in the four major areas of modern service industry, such as the internet, modern finance service. There are more than 30 typical application systems, for example, China Telecom Yi-Talk, iPanel digital television system.

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