Research and Applications of the Series Intelligent Customized Control System

2015-06-02 Vistors:185

Industrial control equipments and industrial control systems are the important part of the industrial equipments in the areas of energy, environmental protection, chemicals, defense and so on. After 15 years of technology development and applied research, Prof.Wang Wenhai group in Dept.of Control Science and Engineering have solved the three key problems of high security, high reliability and high accuracy. By solving these key problems through significant innovations, they have established the serialized intellectualized customized control system with independent intellectual property rights which have broken the foreign technology monopol and ensured the industrial security. The project achievements have successfully applied to more than 2000 units in the industrial equipments in the areas of energy, environmental protection and so on. The advanced control equipments and system shave the international market competitiveness, and have been exported to India and other foreign countries. In the nearly three years, output value of 3.513 billion RMB and economic benefit value of 1.501 billion RMB were created.

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