Dual Resolution Camera Successfully Acquired Group Photo of The Earth and The Moon

2015-06-02 Vistors:221

Prof. Xu Zhihai research team from Department of Optical Engineering has proposed a novel design of dual resolution space camera which can acquire two field of view images with different resolving power for the same scene at the same time. It avoids the problem of contradiction between the wide field of view and high resolution in a conventional optical camera. At 16:00 pm November 9, 2014, this camera took pictures of the Earth and the Moon at the distance of 540,000Km to the Earth and 920,000 Km to the Moon, which is the first time of mankind to get group photos at this position in the space.  Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center, the headquarters of China moon mission, gave a high appraisal to Xu Zhihai team’s research work, “the dual resolution camera did excellent job, its optical lens took sharp and colorful images in the mission. …… They accomplished the demonstration prototype, designed and manufactured the optical system of the flying product. They have made prominent contribution to the dual resolution camera in the testing space-craft of the third-step China moon mission.”

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