Multifunctional Photonic Integrated Chip for Biomedical Sensing

2016-06-16 Vistors:217

 The project, led by Prof. He Jianjun in COSE, is supported as the key project by NSFC in 2015.The proposed research will investigate and develop multifunctional, high sensitivity photonic lab-on-a-chip, including (1) nanowire waveguide double-ring sensors for refractive index based bimolecular detection, (2) surface-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy based on spectrometer-on-a-chip and (3) absorption spectroscopy based on novel tunable semiconductor laser. By collecting weak spectral signal through spiral nanowire waveguide with surface plasmon enhancement using metal nanoparticles, a novel, efficient and highly sensitive means is provided for on-chip biomedical sensing. The functionality and integration density of the photonic lab-on-a-chip is at the international advanced level, and will promote the interdisciplinary development of biomedical sensor technology and multifunctional photonic integration technology in China.

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