The Development of Enteric Capsule About Total Saponin of Lysimachia Capillipes

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Prof.Tian Jingkui from BME has signed the Joint Development Agreement with Shandong New Time Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in 2015 with the total expenditure of 30 million yuan. This project is also sponsored by the NST Major Project of Drug Discovery. And now, we has successfully conducted the normalized research towards new anti-tumor drug and planning to apply for its approval for clinical trials by the end of 2016. Pharmacodynamics in vitro and in vivo showed that the total saponins of gracilipes vanilla are effective in treating prostate cancer, gastric cancer and ovarian cancer, which have less side effects and unique mechanism of action, what’s more, it is expected to become an innovative anti-tumor drug. Meanwhile, research team joint with Fujian Longyan Agricultural Science established a 20 acres of standardized gracilipes vanilla planting base, which ensured the authenticity and the process of industrialization of the drugs.

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