High-Order Non-Linear Optical Effects in Organic Luminogens with Aggregation-Induced Emission

2016-06-16 Vistors:188


作者: Qian, Jun; Zhu, Zhenfeng; Qin, Anjun; 等.
来源:ADVANCED MATERIALS 卷: 27  期: 14  页: 2332-2339 出版年: Apr. 2015
We have demonstrated multi-photon luminescence (MPL, up to four-photon) of molecular-state TTF in organic solution. Simultaneous 3PL/4PL, third harmonic generation (THG), and fifth harmonic generation (FHG) of TTF in the solid state could be observed. In TTF nanoaggregates, we found aggregation induced THG enhancement and aggregation-induced 3PL. TTF-doped-nanoparticles were further used for multimodal non-linear optical (NLO) microscopic imaging of tumor cells, as well as 3PL in vivo imaging of mouse brains.
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