Asynchronous l(2)-l(infinity) Filtering for Discrete-time Stochastic Markov Jump Systems with Randomly Occurred Sensor Nonlinearities

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作者: Wu, Zheng-Guang; Shi, Peng; Su, Hongye; . 2014年度中国百篇最具影响国际学术论文   
来源:AUTOMATICA : 50   : 1   : 180-186   出版年: JAN 2014
This paper is concerned with the problem of asynchronous l(2)-l(infinity) filtering for discrete-time stochastic Markov jump systems with sensor nonlinearity. The sensor nonlinearity is assumed to occur randomly according to a stochastic variable satisfying the Bernoulli distribution. A sufficient condition is first given such that the resultant filtering error system, which is a kind of nonhomogeneous Markov jump system, is stochastically stable with a guaranteed l(2)-l(infinity) performance index. Then the existence criterion of the desired asynchronous filter with piecewise homogeneous Markov chain is proposed in terms of a set of linear matrix inequalities.
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