Single CdTe Nanowire Optical Correlator for Femtojoule Pulses

2017-06-27 Vistors:233

作者:Xin, Chenguang; Yu, Shaoliang; Bao, Qingyang; .  

来源:NANO LETTERS卷:16期:8页:4807-4810  出版年:Aug.2016

we demonstrate a single nanowire optical correlator. Pulses to be measured were equally split and coupled into two ends of a suspending nanowire via tapered optical fibers. By transferring the spatial intensity profile of the TSH image into the time-domain temporal profile of the input pulses, we operate the nanowire as a miniaturized optical correlator with input energy goes down to 2 fJ/pulse for 1064 nm 200 fs pulses.

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