FIT held the Artificial Intelligence 2.0 Forum of ZJU

2018-01-04 Vistors:947


On November 15th, China's new-generation artificial intelligence project was officially launched! Following the 2030 “New Generation Artificial Intelligence” Promotion Conference held by the ZJU, on December 11th,FIT held the Artificial Intelligence 2.0 Forum of ZJU.
Firstly,Academician Sun Youxian, an automation expert, put forward the need for artificial intelligence 2.0, and emphasized that artificial intelligence focuses on helping human beings to expand intelligence and ability.
Then Professor Bao Hujun, dean of FIT, interpreted the basic situation of Zhejiang Laboratory and proposed the key construction tasks for artificial intelligence 2.0 related to unmanned systems, artificial intelligence algorithms, human-machine intelligence hybrid systems, Internet of Things security, health and medical big data, and urban brains.
Professor Wu Fei, vice-dean of the Computer College, introduced the strategic background of national projects and its three-step strategy. He also proposed the future strategic planning.
at last,10 professors from FIT proposed research strengths and future ideas for artificial intelligence 2.0 in terms of health testing, target recognition, unmanned systems, and big data platforms.

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