Biosensor National Special Laboratory

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Biosensor National Special Laboratory (BNSL) of Zhejiang University is one of the key laboratories sponsored by the World Bank loan scheme of key subject development and built in 1991. BNSL replies on the development of Biomedical Engineering. The main research and development areas are innovative biomedical sensors, micro and nano sensors including microsystem and micro total analysis system (MEMS, uTAS), intelligent sensors system and measurement technologies applied in biomedical diagnosis, environmental and food monitoring fields etc.It’s main research fields and features are in:

Innovative biomedical sensors and measurement techniques: Based on microelectronic technology and microfabrication techniques, BNSL researches novel innovative functional material, devices and measurement techniques, develops signal processing technology based on microcomputer to improve the characteristics of the sensor and sensor system.

Micro and Nano-sensors for cell and molecular research: BNSL develops micro and nano-sensors for physiological parameter measurement of living tissue and cell and molecule etc. The sensors are in dimension of micrometer and nanometer which can be used to realize the high sensitivity and resolution for living tissue, cell and molecule detection in vitro and vivo.

Intelligent sensors system: BNSL develops intelligent biomedical sensor array withadvanced signal processing techniques to realize the biomimetic and smart sensors system for developing intelligent and integrated multi-parameter measurement technology including gas, ion, molecular and implanted devices and pattern recognition and artificial neural network for biomedical monitoring and remote sensing in human body etc.


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