“ZJU Track Drones in Urban Environment Through Crowdsensing”was Reported by IEEE Spectrum

2019-08-20 Vistors:72

Recently, drones are developing rapidly and widely used in industry, transportation, photography and other fields. Tracking drones would be especially helpful in situations where the devices were being used for ill-intentioned purposes, such as for peeping in at someone or to transport illegal substances.

To track drones in urban environments, the anti-drone group of the network sensing and control research directed by Prof. Shi Zhiguo and Prof. Chen Jiming from FIT ZJU proposed an innovative way through crowd sensing. Their approach leverages participants’ smartphones to detect the Wi-Fi signals of drones and locate the drones. They realized that most drones use Wi-Fi technology to communicate with ground control stations. This method has a good application prospect. The research progress are published in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, recently reported by IEEE Spectrum.

The first author of this paper is Yang guang, a PhD student in ZJU. This work is supported by NSFC, the state key laboratory of industrial control technology and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities .

Report in IEEE Spectrum:


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