Wu Rengmao from FIT won the 2019 Green Orange Award of Alibaba DAMO Academy

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On September 25, the Second Green Orange Award of Alibaba DAMO Academy were announced. Wu Rengmao, as an outstanding young researcher, was awarded. Wu Rengmao joined OSE College in the Hundred Talents Program 2017. He had won the Youth Innovation Award of the FIT in 2017.

Wu Renmao mainly focuses on Freeform Optics and Imaging Systems Design. His research contributions include developing a Monge-Ampère method which is very effective in designing freeform illumination optics for zero-étendue light beam, and a direct design method which is very effective in designing aspherical illumination optics for nonzero-étendue light beam, as well as developing an optimization method for designing B-Spline freeform imaging optics. More than 30 papers have been published in some high-quality journals, such as OEOL, etc. He received Jin Guofan Prize for Excellent Youth of China Instrument Society Scholarships in 2017. 

 The Green Orange Award was launched by Alibaba DAMO Academy in 2018 with an annual investment of 10 million yuan. Ten young scientists were selected from basic research fields such as information technology, chips and intelligent manufacturing. Each winner was awarded 1 million yuan. Besides, DAMO Academy will provide green orange award winners with free access to Ali's research and development institutions around the world, provide research and development resources including data, scenes and computational power, and equip special technical and engineering teams to help young scholars turn scientific ideas into reality.

Award Announcement Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/z-m42STm3L19D8tfQU_54w

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